Tooth whitening is a frequent first step in smile improvement. Return your tooth surface to its earlier and optimal natural brightness, often provided prior to other restorative procedures.

At Coulthard Sullivan, we will help you achieve a beautiful smile, filling you with confidence. An important ingredient in creating your perfect smile is whitening your teeth – we provide inexpensive whitening treatments to help bring you one step closer to your ideal smile.

At an expense comparable to an uncomplicated single crown, your whole smile can benefit from whitening treatment. Turning back the years of surface tooth colour is uncomplicated and low risk, with the removal of engrained stain appearing to increase the size and impact of your smile. Gradual progressive improvements provide flexibility giving you full control over the degree of whitening.  Restorative work will be shade matched following tooth whitening.

Our Fees

Tooth Whitening
Home Tooth Whitening£320