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Our specialist hygienists offer professional cleaning services to give you the freshest mouth possible!

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Regular hygiene appointments are essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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Cleaning your teeth professionally removes staining to give you a brighter, cleaner smile

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Our team of specialist hygienists are here for your care.

What does a hygienist do?

Our dental hygiene process involves thoroughly cleaning your teeth and mouth to remove any excess plaque and tartar build up. This is typically achieved through our standard Scale and Polish treatment, but if periodontal disease (‘gum disease’) is present, it may be necessary to provide more intensive cleaning.

We also offer AIRFLOW Treatment for removing stains from the surface of the teeth to return them to their natural whiteness.

How often do I need to visit the hygienist?

It depends on your oral needs and health, but we typically recommend once every 6 months to ensure you maintain a healthy mouth and prevent disease.

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