Regular dental hygiene care will extend the working life of your restorative dentistry.

Coulthard Sullivan Dental Practice recommend regular hygiene appointments to remove the harmful bacteria from your gums around the neck of the teeth, as well as cleaning and polishing your teeth. This can be carried out by our hygienist.

We have a dental hygienist / dental therapist providing dental hygiene appointments to clean teeth and improve gum health as well as help you to maintain a healthier mouth. All of our clinicians take gum health very seriously. We will often demonstrate effective ways to clean your teeth and gums and stress the importance of getting this right.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide more intensive cleaning where there is periodontal disease (‘gum disease’) present. We can detect this at an early stage with regular visits and plan a series of treatments to slow down the process and prevent early tooth loss. In many cases we can successfully stop further deterioration to the gum tissues, enabling you to hold onto your teeth longer.

The dental team here recognise the need for healthy gums in order to support more complex treatments and they will give you a clear indication of the need for more intensive periodontal (gum) treatment if this is necessary, prior to embarking on other restorative treatments. Ensuring that there is no active periodontal (gum) disease is essential before embarking on advanced treatments such as crown or bridges, or these will fail. 

Our Fees

Hygienist Services
Scale and PolishFrom £65
Periodontal Treatment£85 per session required
Air flow / air polish£70