coulthard sullivan dentist discusses with patient their oral surgery showing them xrays and images

Coulthard Sullivan Dental Practice offers a wide range of routine, and specialist, oral surgery procedures under both local anaesthesia, and conscious sedation. Oral surgery includes the removal of teeth, roots and complex teeth, wisdom teeth, removal of cysts, removal of lumps on the lips or gum, biopsies and more.

Many of these procedures can be undertaken in the comfort and familiarity of the practice and so avoid a hospital referral, however, some procedures may be more invasive and require general anaesthesia in hospital. 

Patients may be anxious about undergoing oral surgery, but Coulthard Sullivan Dental Practice offers clinical expertise, and also the empathy you’d expect! Your postoperative recovery will be planned to minimise any potential pain or swelling.

Intravenous sedation may be appropriate for some patients undergoing surgical procedures. The sedative is given by an injection in your arm or the back of your hand. 

The technique produces a state of complete tranquility, with patients experiencing the sensations of warmth and confidence, together with a pleasant degree of dissociation from the realities of the situation. Consciousness is maintained, although many patients cannot remember much of the treatment. Patients feel well during recovery but reaction time is slowed down and so it is important for your safety that an escort take you home and take care of you.

Our Fees

ExtractionFrom £180
Surgical Consultation£125
Surgical Extraction£350 – £650
Intravenous Sedation£295
Inhalation SedationN/A