Your dental check-up at Coulthard Sullivan Dental Practice includes screening for oral cancer with a comprehensive examination of the soft tissue of your mouth as well as your teeth. 

Around 8,300 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year in the UK. But with by spotting mouth cancer early, a complete cure is often possible in up to 9 in 10 cases using surgery alone.

The most common symptoms of mouth cancer are:

  • Sore mouth ulcers that do not heal within several weeks
  • Unexplained, persistent lumps in the mouth that do not go away
  • Unexplained, persistent lumps in the lymph glands in the neck that do not go away

If there is any suspicion of the possibility of oral cancer then a second opinion will be arranged, or a biopsy may be arranged, at the practice. Alternatively, an urgent referral may be made to hospital oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Most suspicions turn out not to be cancer, but it is better to check, as early detection is important for successful treatment.