emergency dental care wilmslow

At Coulthard Sullivan, we understand that a dental emergency can arise unexpectedly – we do not want any of our patients to be suffering with pain or running the risk of a worse outcome by delaying treatment.

If you need help in a dental emergency please phone 01625 527 987 and we will try to help. Within our normal working hours we allow daily appointment availability to accommodate unexpected scenarios.

Out of Hours

If your problem arises outside of normal working hours then please phone 07798 904 941 we receive calls when at all possible. If we are unable to respond, please text your details and a brief description of the problem, we will do all we can to help as soon as we become aware of the problem.

Are you in pain? is it occasional or continuous? severe or mild? relieved by simple pain reducing medication?
Have you suffered a trauma? have you lost teeth or are teeth loosened/ fractured?
Has a restoration failed? is it painful or cosmetically important? have you an impending important event?
Are you currently under a course of treatment or have you recently received treatment?

Do not delay your treatment, please call us: reception 01625 527 987 and we will do all we can to see you as quickly as possible.